Since my childhood, I was always interested in knowing the origin of my last names.  Thanks to Paula Faccio, who is a friend of my childhood, I have the answer now.  The work that she did with my family history is faultless, detailed, and exhaustive.  I highly recommend her as a genealogist!

Maria José Chiavola, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

It has been a pleasure working with Paula Faccio. She always acts professionally and provides her research in a timely manner. To date, I have engaged Paula for two research projects. Not only did she discover several additional ancestors in Italy, but she provided me with important dates and facts, and sources to substantiate her findings. She also uncovered information that proved that some prior family research was incorrect. I would highly recommend Paula and look forward to using her for my next project.

Larry Bianucci, Riverton, Utah, United States of America

Paula Faccio had performed an excellent work for us. I contacted someone and asked him if he knew someone who was fluent in Italian and knowledgeable about Italian records.  I was excited when he gave me a name and phone number of not only a lady who speaks Italian and English, but also… Spanish!  A few weeks went by and Paula called us and had finished information on 142 ancestors! She wrote a full report, giving us details of their lives in Italy.  Her work will continue, once she finishes with my mother’s side, we will start with my father’s ancestors.

Deborah De Santi, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America

A few years ago I was recovering from an illness and I felt a strong urgency to document information about my family's ancestry. I knew where my grandfather was born, the year, and a few small details about his young life in Italy. I contacted Paula Faccio to help me with my journey in genealogy. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and excited about my project. Thanks to her now I have information about my Italian ancestors that lived in the 1500's. I have documentation to pass on to my family and future generations. 

Cathy Todd, Canada

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent work that Paula Faccio has done so far in researching my ancestors. She has brought peace to my soul.   I know that one day, not too far away, I will depart this earth to continue with the perfect Plan of Salvation. How thankful I am that I will be able to hug and kiss my relatives on the other side of the veil.  We will have tears of joy.  I know that families can be together for all Eternity. What a marvelous blessing it is to have that knowledge! Thanks to Paula's help my last days on this earth are of joy and not guilt or regrets.

Herminia Calautti, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America


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Paula A. Faccio, AG®


Arturo Cuellar, AG®

Accredited Genealogist®

“I thoroughly recommend Paula Faccio in her work as a genealogist. I have known Paula since 2010; she is very responsive, efficient, and qualified. I strongly recommend Paula to anyone who is trying to get professional service.”


Debbie Shurtz Gurtler, AG®

Accredited Genealogist®

As an Accredited Genealogist®, you can trust Paula Faccio’s work to be of the highest quality. She will do her best to resolve your research questions.”​


Michael Boeckmann Independent Genealogical Researcher in Germany

“I consider Paula Faccio an excellent genealogist. She pays great attention to detail and her deductive reasoning has answered many questions in her research. Her skills have been successfully tested in the many regions of Italy. I have recommended her services to quite a few potential clients without reservation. She does an excellent job and is very committed to doing her very best.”

“I have known Paula Faccio for several years and have worked with her on projects needing an Italian specialist. I have found her to be a very good Italian researcher. She is thorough and detailed in her work, and she is pleasant to work with. I would not hesitate to work with her again as the need for Italian research arises.” 

Ruth Lapioli Merriman, AG®

Supervisor of the Italian

Metadata Cataloging team for

FamilySearch International

Accredited Genealogist®


Tristan L. Tolman, AG®

Owner, Legacy Family History, Inc.

Accredited Genealogist®

“I have known Paula for many years and have witnessed her diligence and the thoroughness with which she researches genealogical sources and documents. I heartily recommend her to you!”

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