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Above: Original black and white photograph colorized. Then, father and youngest daughter added to the family photo.


captures A MOMENT 

                                 that's GONE FOREVER."

                                                                                     ~ Karl Lagerfeld

Photos are windows that transport us to the past.

If you are lucky to find at least one related to your family history,

then you are holding in your hand a moment in time

that is impossible to reproduce.

You are holding a real treasure!

Unfortunately, many of these treasures have been damaged by natural,

man-made, or environmental causes, or simply affected by age.



Digital Photo Restoration is the solution!

Digital Photo Restoration is the practice of restoring the appearance of a digital copy of a physical photograph which has been damaged. It uses a variety of image editing techniques to remove visible damage and aging effects from digital copies of physical photographs.


Raster graphics editors are typically used to repair the appearance of the digital images and add to the digital copy of the photo where pieces of the physical photograph are torn or missing. Evidence of dirt, scratches, and other signs of photographic age are removed from the digital image manually, by painting over them meticulously. Unwanted color tints are removed and the image's contrast or sharpening may be altered in an attempt to restore some of the contrast range or detail that is believed to be in the original physical image. In addition, image processing techniques such as image enhancement and image restoration are also applicable for the purpose of digital photo restoration.


We can also colorize photographs. This is a process that adds color to black-and-whitesepia, or other monochrome images. By adding this new dimension we bring your photographs to life!



Above: Faded and damaged photo restored. This was the only photograph a family had of their great-grandfather. He passed away before his last child was even born. The photograph was so small, scratched, and faded that no one was able to see what he really looked like. It became a real family treasure after restoration!

Above: Damaged photo repaired and colorized. Missing pieces of the photo were reconstructed. The only existing photograph showing this person as a young military adult.

Above: Damaged photo repaired and colorized.

Above: Black and white photo colorized. Reproduction of the color of the father's eyes using a photo of the daughter's eyes.

Above: Damaged photo repaired, color enhanced, and modified. The earrings and necklace were removed from the photograph.

Above: Photo modified. The position of her body and his right arm were adjusted to give a different effect.

Above: Restoration of a drawing from the year 1954, with water damage, wrinkles, and faded color.

Above: Document restored, removed bleed through, and missing parts added. This is the only photo that exists of her.

With today's technology, digital restoration is more affordable than ever before!

Our prices are based on an evaluation of each of the photos you want to restore.

Contact us for pricing.

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