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Family History and Genealogical Research

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FAMILY GROUP SHEETS guarantees an exceptional service by helping you rediscover your past, build your family tree, find the names of your ancestors, and reconstruct your family legacy for your future generations to come. 
Let us help you in making your family history come alive, so your ancestors will never be forgotten again!



     $110 per hour.

     NOTE: The full payment is required to start the research.

Samples of What You Will Receive

​​​The people in this picture are the Zanza family in Massa, Italy, about the year 1935. The man with the hat, and the woman next to him with black hair, are Paula's mother's parents, Ovidio Zanza and Antonietta Ratti. They emigrated from Italy to Venezuela, where Paula's parents met and married. Ovidio was a former military man in Italy, who fought in the Greco-Italian War and World War II, but then became a sculptor and an artist. So, from holding weapons, he use the same hands to make beautiful marble art. He stated: "I don't know if my life has been good or bad, right or wrong. I only know that I have lived it passionately, both physically and spiritually. God will tell me." ~ Ovidio Zanza

Take a Journey Into Your Past

                                                       Genealogy and Family History Research

      10 Hours - $950 
      15 Hours - $1400
      20 Hours - $1850
      25 Hours - $2300
      30 Hours - $2750
      NOTE: Half of the payment is required to start the research.

Digitalized Images of Records Found With The Corresponding Source Citation

Questions: Call 1-801-637-3434


    - A Report explaining all the findings, analysis, conclusions, and suggestions for future researches.

    - A Research Calendar showing all the sources that were searched with all the results of the findings.

    - All the digitalized images of the records found with all the full source citations.

    - Pedigree Charts.

    - Family Group Sheets of all the couples found.