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The man in the pictures is Paula's grandfather, Oscar Faccio. When he left Italy his life was not easy in the beginning. He played Classical music during the day and then, in the evening, he had to entertain people playing Latin music at nightclubs, while wearing silly costumes. His discipline and commitment to his career made him one of the most famous music professors in the Zulia region of Venezuela. He became the director of the Symphonic Orchestra, the director of the Music Conservatory, the director of several Youth Orchestras, the professor of hundreds of students, and an honorary member of the Human Rights Recognition Committee. In 1973, the President of Venezuela, Rafael Caldera, decorated him with the first class "Merit of Honor" for his work.

"Thanks grandpa! You are an example to me! You showed me that no matter how many challenges and difficult times we go through in life, we just have to keep going until we achieve our dreams!" ~ Paula A. Faccio

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