​Imagine again if you have the ability, by just looking at your ancestor's handwriting, to spot their deep dark secrets, fears, esteem, honesty, thinking patterns, drives, and dozens of other hidden personality traits?

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Don't be surprised if you discover several similarities with them!

Your grandfather, who was a military man, was part of the voluntary Militia for the National Security, commonly called the "Camicie Nere" (Blackshirts). He even won a medal of courage in the war because of bravery during fierce fighting. Although he was fierce in war, he had a nurturing personality, as can be seen by analyzing his handwriting.

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Well... stop imagining

because all this is possible through the science of Handwriting Analysis!

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The Library of Congress categorized Handwriting Analysis as a credible social science in 1981. There are many uses of handwriting analysis nowadays, and some of the most popular are:


  • Employee Hiring and Human Resources:  Companies use it to screen prospective future employees, to determine who is the best candidate for each job. 
  • Police Profiling:  Police departments and the FBI use it to help establish the psychological profile of a suspect in many homicide cases or in cases involving serial killers. 
  • Family and Couples Therapy / Counseling: Many therapists, psychologists, coaches, doctors and other professionals use it to assist in therapy.
  • Dating and Socializing:  It can be used to predict compatibility of a couple or friends. It's easy to use! Just ask for a sample of your partner's or friend's handwriting, and you can see how compatible you are!
  • Self-Improvement:  You can use it to identify your fears, defense mechanisms, belief systems, etc., to make changes in your personal life.

Handwriting analysis is no longer just for Police Departments, ​FBI, courts, companies, and therapy. While it has been used successfully for years as an effective aid in these areas, it can also be used in genealogical research.

Yes! Now you can identify your ancestors' unique personality traits and reveal who really was the person behind that name, photograph, or birth certificate! You are also going to be amazed when you discover how many personality characteristics you share with your ancestors!

Why should you get "Ancestors' Personality Profile"?

Your grandmother shares, on the characteristics of her signature, similar personality traits with Thomas A. Edison (the man who invented the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the electric light bulb), such as high self-esteem, bubbling enthusiasm, optimism, and even temper.

Take a Journey Into Your Past

Ancestors' Personality Profile Report is going to help you to "bring your ancestors to life" by:


Would you like to find out WHO they really were?

Then... imagine the excitement in discovering that:

So, NOW is a good time to dust off all those journals, letters, old bibles, post cards, photographs, or other documents that contain your ancestors' handwritten samples and their signatures!

Do you know that beyond your ancestor's name, photograph, and birth date,

there is a real person with defined and unique personality traits?

- Having a deep understanding of their lives: their choices, their decisions, and their struggles.​  

- Discovering their deep dark secrets, fears, honesty, and drives.

- Seeing into their subconscious mind. The things they were not even able to see for themselves.

- Identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

- Understanding their thinking patterns, problem-solving mechanisms, and how they reacted in times of crisis.

- Seeing if the occupation of your ancestors matched their abilities and talents. Even skills they may not have been aware of.

- Knowing how they interacted socially with other people. Were they submissive or dominant? Introverted or extroverted? Did they rule with their head or their heart?

- Knowing how they interacted with their family members. Were they compatible with their parents, siblings, spouses, or their kids?

- Checking their level of confidence, insecurity, and self-esteem. Understanding why they succeeded or failed.

Let's find out together who they really were!

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Or, that your great grandfather, who worked in the quarries where Michelangelo Buonarroti chose the white marble he used to make his famous sculptures, had the same personality traits of some leaders and successful people.
No wonder he became the boss in the quarry!